High return!

We offer higher deposit rate than the banks. We offer investments with a high return up to 10% per year. 


Low risk

Investments are secured in real estate so always an exit strategy for you.


Together we win.! 

Only deals with high ROI will be considered so our investors get a high return.


Passive income

High profile investors have opportunities for joint venture partnership for passive income. 


Angel Investors is a company where we are proud to offer investments for
private investors to see their hard-earned money giving them a return of
up to 10,00% per year with no tax on the return.

We provide our investors with a secure and profitable investment.

When you make money - we make money.! 

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Angel Investors are a limited owned company where the goal is to give our investors a high return. We give our investors security in real estate so they can trust our business model.

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Angel Investors buy property in the United Kingdom where the properties will be rented out for cashflow with three main strategies: buy-to-let, social housing and HMO.


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Angel Investors has used the last 12 years to build up a power team of finance brokers, letting agents, insurance agents, contractors, accountants, property lawyers etc. to give you the best service.


Angel Investors office hours are (UK) Mon-, Tues- and Thursday from 6pm-8pm,
because we know that private investors are working during the day.

Contact us now, and we will call you in one of following evenings.